ZoomFibre | Backhaul Down in Standerton Monday 11th October 2021 14:03:37

Good day Valued Customers,

Please be aware that we are experiencing a backhaul drop in the Standerton area.

Investigations are currently underway with the Zoomfibre backhaul partner.

Our Support Rep has indicated that your ticket has been Resolved.

We do apologize for the delay in resolution, our teams have found that they will need to pull additional slack on the line once that has been done they will be able to continue with the repairs, again we do apologize for any inconveniences caused.

The teams are busy tracing the route to find the fault on the fibre, they will commence repairs to get the line back up as soon as they have found where the fault lies.

Good day Valued Customers,

Update: Zoom Fibre have technicians on-site investigating at the POP and their Backhaul Partner is investigating on their end.

More updates to follow