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Mind the Speed is a premier fibre provider operating in the FTTH market.

ILD: Cape Town - London

Start: 2019-12-13 22:00:00 GMT End: 2019-12-13 23:00:00 GMT Duration: 1 Hour Impact: Service outage of 15 minutes on WACS link expected during the activity Location: South Africa Reason: Emergency core router reboot

No service impact to clients expected as traffic will be failed over to the Secondary link on Easy.

Past Incidents

25th October 2019

IP Transit DDOS Attack

Incident Date: 25/10/2019 Time of incident: 13H22
Length of incident: 20 minutes

Please note we experienced a DDOS attack on our network which started at 13H22 we do have DDOS protection systems in places and a scrubbing service, implemented in our UK data centres.

The system automatically takes measures to protect our network. As these measures are implemented the attackers modify the attack to bypass the automated thresholds which we then need to manually tweak on the protection system to block and clean the traffic. We have seen an increase in attacks in the last few months.

The network did experience a brief performance drop while we were modifying the DDOS migration thresholds, performance on the network was fully restored by 13H42. The network is performing as expected and we will continue to monitor.

Should you be interested in reading more about DDOS attacks please see the following link

24th October 2019

No incidents reported

23rd October 2019

No incidents reported

22nd October 2019

No incidents reported

21st October 2019

No incidents reported

20th October 2019

No incidents reported

19th October 2019

Openserve Speed performance low

There are reports of Openserve clients only getting 50% of their speed. We have escalated to Openserve to investigate.

  • Issues have been resolved by FNO

  • Metrofibre Elandsrock areas and surrounds down

    Area is down due to network outage on the Metrofibre network.

    Metrofibre is busy investigating the issue.

  • Issue has been resolved by FNO

  • Metrofibre has resolved the larger network issue, there are still however isolated incidents that their contractors will be addressing directly with affected clients.